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Decreased EEG sensitivity to alprazolam in subjects with a parental history of alcoholism.

Altered benzodiazepine sensitivity in subjects with a history of parental alcoholism ( PHP) compared to control subjects (NC) has been reported for regional brain blood volume, eye movement tasks, and subjective effects. This study tests the hypothesis that PHP subjects are less sensitive to benzodiazepine effects on EEG activity than are NC subjects. Frontal EEG activity was recorded in PHP and NC subjects after administration of the benzodiazepine, alprazolam (1 mg), or placebo. PHP subjects had decreased sensitivity to the EEG effects of alprazolam compared to NC subjects. Significant differences were detected for change in percent relative beta activity and alpha and theta band power. Pharmacokinetic parameters did not differ significantly between groups. These results suggest that PHP subjects are less sensitive to the effects of alprazolam on central electrophysiological activity than are NC subjects.[1]


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