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Approaches to sequence analysis of 125I-labeled RNA.

A method is described for the initial steps of sequence analysis of RNase T1-and pancreatic RN-ase-resistant oligonucleotides of RNA containing cytidylate residues labeled in vitro with 125I. In many cases an oligonucleotide sequence can be deduced from a consideration of (i) its relative position in the two-dimensional fingerprint (with DEAE thin layer homochromatographic second dimension), (ii) its electrophoretic mobility on DEAE paper at pH 1.9, and (iii) identification of its products of further enzymatic digestion by comparison with a set of marker oligonucleotides. Additional methods including analysis of oligonucleotides following chemical blocking of uridylate residues with CMCT and analysis of products of incomplete enzymatic digestion are also discussed.[1]


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