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Discoordinate expression of pancreatic lipase and two related proteins in the human fetal pancreas.

The lipase gene family contains a large number of members. Among the most closely related are pancreatic triglyceride lipase (PTL) and two pancreatic lipase-related proteins (PLRP1 and PLRP2). Previous studies in rodents demonstrated divergent temporal expression of the genes encoding these proteins. PLRP1 and PLRP2 were expressed in fetal pancreas, whereas PTL was not expressed until pups were several weeks old. To determine whether the human pancreas has a similar expression pattern for these genes, we determined the levels of each mRNA in fetal pancreas at various ages. A reverse transcriptase-PCR method was developed and used to quantify the mRNA levels for the three species normalized to the mRNA encoding cyclophillin. The mRNA encoding PLRP1 and PLRP2 was present by 16 wk in the fetal pancreas. In contrast, the mRNA encoding PTL was not present in the fetal pancreas. This pattern of expression suggests that the genes encoding theses proteins have different regulatory elements controlling temporal expression and provides another example of nonparallel expression of genes encoding pancreatic exocrine proteins.[1]


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