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Effect of the type carrier used on the results of dichlorodifluoromethane application to teeth.

Thermal testing, especially cold, is an important part of diagnosing pulpal vitality. It was the purpose of this study to determine (i) if a difference exists in temperature when Endo ice is used with four different applicators, and (ii) if there is one applicator device that provides the greatest thermal change for a tooth. Endo ice was used with the following applicators: a #2 standard size large cotton pellet, a #4 standard size small cotton pellet, a wood stick cotton tip applicator, and a cotton roll. The temperature of a mandibular incisor pulp chamber was measured in degree C 10 s after the application of the dichlorodifluoromethane (DDM) to the midfacial surface of the crown. Also, the DDM was applied to each applicator either by direct spray or by submergence in DDM liquid. This study found that the greatest temperature change was recorded by Endo Ice (DDM) sprayed directly onto a large cotton pellet. There was no significant difference between directly spraying or submerging the applicator in DDM liquid.[1]


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