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Expression of PTTG and prc1 genes during telencephalic neurogenesis.

We present the first time/space analysis using in situ hybridization for PTTG and prc1 genes during development of the mouse telencephalon. During the stages E11.5-E13.5 PTTG and prc1 are expressed in most tissues of the embryo. Within the telencephalon, PTTG and prc1 are found exclusively inside of the ventricular zone (VZ). The intensity of the expression of both genes in the ventricular zone reaches its peak by E15. 5. Expression starts to decrease by E18.5, it is still visible at least up to P2 and not detectable in the adult brains. Expression of the prc1 gene, but not that of the PTTG, is also found in the mitoticaly active cells outside of the VZ within the telencephalon. Most of the cells expressing the PTTG gene were found in the lower part of the ventricular zone suggesting that the level of PTTG mRNA is regulated during different phases of the mitotic cycle.[1]


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