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Molecular linkage underlying microtubule orientation toward cortical sites in yeast.

Selective microtubule orientation toward spatially defined cortical sites is critical to polarized cellular processes as diverse as axon outgrowth and T cell cytotoxicity. In yeast, oriented cytoplasmic microtubules align the mitotic spindle between mother and bud. The cortical marker protein Kar9 localizes to the bud tip and is required for the orientation of microtubules toward this region. Here, we show that Kar9 directs microtubule orientation by acting through Bim1, a conserved microtubule-binding protein. Bim1 homolog EB1 was originally identified through its interaction with adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) tumor suppressor, raising the possibility that an APC-EB1 linkage orients microtubules in higher cells.[1]


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