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Structure and tissue distribution of chicken leptin receptor (cOb-R) mRNA.

Chicken leptin receptor (cOb-R) cDNA has been cloned, sequenced and characterized. The predicted cOb-R preprotein was composed of 1148 amino acids showing approximately 60% sequence identity with the long isoform of mammalian leptin receptor, and contained a putative signal peptide, a single transmembrane domain and the conserved box 1, 2 and 3 motifs in the cytoplasmic region. High levels of cOb-R mRNA expression were observed in ovary and brain, and less abundant expression of the mRNA was detected in liver, kidney and intestine in juvenile females and sexually matured hens. The expression levels of cOb-R mRNA did not change during sexual maturation in most tissues, but the mRNA level in the intestine was higher in matured hens than in juveniles. Estrogen treatment was found to enhance the Ob-R mRNA expression in the intestine, but not in other tissues.[1]


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