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Gene Review

LEPR  -  leptin receptor

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of LEPR


High impact information on LEPR

  • However, comparison between the predicted protein sequences has shown a tight conservation of most previously characterized LEPR motifs and essential tyrosine residues [3].
  • These changes were accompanied by a significant down-regulation of leptin receptor gene expression, however SREBP-1, the main transcription factor of lipogenic genes, remained unchanged [4].
  • Finally, the ability of insulin and leptin to regulate chicken leptin receptor gene expression suggests a direct role of leptin in the control of hepatic metabolism [5].
  • The present study was aimed at detecting chicken leptin receptor (cOb-R) expression in isolated chicken islets of Langerhans and to examine the direct effect of leptin on insulin secretion after stimulation by acetylcholine (1 micro M) + glucose (14 mM) from isolated perfused chicken pancreas [6].
  • The recombinant chicken leptin markedly inhibits food intake as reported in mammals, suggesting the presence of an hypothalamic leptin receptor [7].

Biological context of LEPR


Anatomical context of LEPR


Other interactions of LEPR

  • Furthermore, acquisition of the anorectic effect of leptin is likely to be associated with greater expression of the leptin receptor and NPY mRNAs than to changes in blood levels of leptin [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LEPR


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