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Molecular cloning and sequences of cDNAs encoding alpha (large) and beta (small) isoforms of human pancreatic zymogen granule membrane-associated protein GP2.

cDNA clones encoding two different (alpha and beta) forms of human pancreatic zymogen granule membrane-associated protein glycoprotein 2 (GP2) (also referred to as ZAP75), a critical component in regulated membrane trafficking along the apical secretory pathway in pancreatic acinar cells, have been isolated. Structural analysis of the clones revealed that the alpha and beta forms of GP2 consist of 527 and 380 amino acid (aa) residues, respectively. The beta form lacks a 147 aa domain that corresponds to the 25-171 region of the alpha form, suggesting that it is a product of an alternative splicing event. Expression of both forms of GP2 in the human pancreas was confirmed. A unique isoform of GP2 is reported for the first time in humans.[1]


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