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Lack of production of electron-shuttling compounds or solubilization of Fe(III) during reduction of insoluble Fe(III) oxide by Geobacter metallireducens.

Studies with the dissimilatory Fe(III)-reducing microorganism Geobacter metallireducens demonstrated that the common technique of separating Fe(III)-reducing microorganisms and Fe(III) oxides with semipermeable membranes in order to determine whether the Fe(III) reducers release electron-shuttling compounds and/or Fe(III) chelators is invalid. This raised doubts about the mechanisms for Fe(III) oxide reduction by this organism. However, several experimental approaches indicated that G. metallireducens does not release electron-shuttling compounds and does not significantly solubilize Fe(III) during Fe(III) oxide reduction. These results suggest that G. metallireducens directly reduces insoluble Fe(III) oxide.[1]


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