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Relationships between extramacrochaetae and Notch signalling in Drosophila wing development.

The function of extramacrochaetae is required during the development of the Drosophila wing in processes such as cell proliferation and vein differentiation. extramacrochaetae encodes a transcription factor of the HLH family, but unlike other members of this family, Extramacrochaetae lacks the basic region that is involved in interaction with DNA. Some phenotypes caused by extramacrochaetae in the wing are similar to those observed when Notch signalling is compromised. Furthermore, maximal levels of extramacrochaetae expression in the wing disc are restricted to places where Notch activity is higher, suggesting that extramacrochaetae could mediate some aspects of Notch signalling during wing development. We have studied the relationships between extramacrochaetae and Notch in wing development, with emphasis on the processes of vein formation and cell proliferation. We observe strong genetic interaction between extramacrochaetae and different components of the Notch signalling pathway, suggesting a functional relationship between them. We show that the higher level of extramacrochaetae expression coincides with the domain of expression of Notch and its downstream gene Enhancer of split-m(beta). The expression of extramacrochaetae at the dorso/ventral boundary and in boundary cells between veins and interveins depends on Notch activity. We propose that at least during vein differentiation and wing margin formation, extramacrochaetae is regulated by Notch and collaborates with other Notch-downstream genes such as Enhancer of split-m(beta).[1]


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