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Thromboembolic complications associated with reproductive endocrinologic procedures.

Thromboembolism as a complication of hormonal ovarian stimulation in the context of artificial reproductive techniques is rare and seems to occur when OHS is present. Although accompanied by high serum estrogen concentrations, hCG seems to play a central role in the development of OHS, which has been observed in women with 17,18-desmolase deficiency who have low estrogen levels after induction of ovulation with hGC. Although there is some evidence that hormonal ovarian stimulation with HMG, leading to elevated estrogen levels, and ovulation induction with hCG in preparation for in vitro fertilization are associated with a state of hypercoagulability, the exact role of estrogens, hCG and the physicochemical changes (fluid shift into third spaces) involved in OHS remain to be elucidated.[1]


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