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Treatment of mandibular asymmetry by distraction osteogenesis and orthodontics: a report of four cases.

Distraction osteogenesis devices followed by hybrid functional appliance therapy and fixed orthodontic appliance therapy were used to correct a variety of maxillofacial skeletal and dental deformities in 4 patients. The patients underwent procedures to lengthen the mandibular ramus and body. Transcutaneous pins were used to activate the distraction devices. After achieving the desired skeletal position, the distraction devices were maintained for 2 to 3 months to allow ossification. Following distraction, functional orthodontic appliance therapy was initiated during growth to correct the cant of the occlusal plane by extrusion of teeth on the affected side for improved facial symmetry. Fixed orthodontic therapy was used for final occlusal adjustments. All patients achieved lengthening of their jaws and substantial improvement in facial symmetry and occlusion. The follow-up period for this group of 4 patients ranged from 18 to 36 months.[1]


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