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Oral toxicity of abamectin, boric acid, fipronil, and hydramethylnon to laboratory colonies of Argentine ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).

Comprehensive laboratory baiting studies with the 4 insecticides abamectin, boric acid, fipronil, and hydramethylnon were conducted against Argentine ant, Linepithema humile (Mayr). Serial dilutions of each insecticide prepared in a 25% sucrose solution were provided for 24 h or 14 d to groups of workers and queens. Sucrose-water baits containing 1 x 10(-5)% fipronil and 0.1% hydramethylnon provided complete mortality of L. humile workers baited for 24 h. Baits containing 1 x 10(-4) and 1 x 10(-5)% fipronil provided 100% kill of queens. In the continuous baiting, 0.5% boric acid, 1 x 10(-6)% fipronil, and 0.025% hydramethylnon provided 100% mortality of workers. The queens and workers provided baits containing 1 x 10(-5)% fipronil and 0.5% boric acid all died within 14 d. Low concentrations of fipronil and boric acid in sucrose may be promising candidates for Argentine ant control.[1]


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