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Expression of 27 KD, 65 KD and 72/73 KD heat shock protein in atopic dermatitis: comparison with those in normal skin and contact dermatitis.

The expression of Heat Shock Protein ( HPS) 72/73, HSP65 and HSP27 in skin lesions of atopic dermatitis (n = 21) was studied and compared with that in contact dermatitis (n = 18) and normal skin (n = 9). Keratinocytes in the whole epidermis expressed both HSP65 and HSP72/73 with a membranous, cytoplasmic or nuclear/perinuclear staining pattern much more intensely in atopic dermatitis than in contact dermatitis and normal subjects. In approximately half of the subjects with atopic dermatitis, infiltrating cells in the dermis expressed HSP65 and HSP72/73; this was not observed in contact dermatitis. HSP27 was expressed in the upper epidermis with a cytoplasmic or nuclear/perinuclear staining pattern in all groups. HSP27 was not expressed by infiltrating cells. A clinical evaluation of atopic dermatitis showed that more severe types of atopic dermatitis expressed more intense expression of HSP65 and HSP72/73, but not HSP27, in their skin lesions. These findings suggested that HSP65 and HSP72/73 may play roles in the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis.[1]


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