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Arabidopsis thaliana LUP1 converts oxidosqualene to multiple triterpene alcohols and a triterpene diol.

The Arabidopsis thaliana LUP1 gene encodes an enzyme that converts oxidosqualene to pentacyclic triterpenes. Lupeol and beta-amyrin were previously reported as LUP1 products. Further investigation described here uncovered the additional products germanicol, taraxasterol, psi-taraxasterol, and 3,20-dihydroxylupane. These results suggest that the 80 known C(30)H(50)O compounds that are structurally consistent with being oxidosqualene cyclase products may be derived from fewer than 80 enzymes and that some C(30)H(52)O(2) compounds may be direct cyclization products of oxidosqualene.[1]


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