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Biochemical engineering of surface alpha 2-8 polysialic acid for immunotargeting tumor cells.

To target tumor cells for immunotherapy, we evaluated the feasibility of altering the epitopes on the surface polysialic acid of tumor cells. A precursor (N-propionylmannosamine), when incubated with leukemic cells, RBL-2H3 and RMA, resulted in substitution of the N-acetyl groups of surface alpha2-8 polysialic acid with N-propionyl groups. Expression of the altered alpha2-8 N-propionylpolysialic acid on the surface of tumor cells induced their susceptibility to cell death mediated by monoclonal antibody 13D9 (mAb 13D9), which specifically recognizes alpha2-8 N-propionylated polysialic acid. The expression of alpha2-8 N-propionylated polysialic acid and the lysis of tumor cells by antibody-dependent cytotoxicity depended on the time and dose of incorporation of N-propionylated mannosamine. In vivo, mAb 13D9 effectively controlled metastasis of leukemic cells RMA when mice were administered the precursor N-propionylated mannosamine.[1]


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