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Unmyelinated nerve fiber analysis of the human oculomotor nerve.

Unmyelinated nerve fibers of the oculomotor nerve have occasionally been observed in experimental animals with the use of electron microscopes, but no details concerning normal oculomotor nerves in humans have been published. We measured and analyzed unmyelinated nerve fibers in the human oculomotor nerve with an image analyzer and a computer, using a new staining method, the Luxol fast blue-periodic acid-Schiff-hematoxylin ( LPH) discriminative staining method which is the only one suitable for morphometric research on nervous tissues. We studied the numbers and transverse areas of unmyelinated fibers of the oculomotor nerve in 20 cadavers. The number of unmyelinated axons did not change with age, but the mean transverse area decreased with age. These fibers were distributed diffusely in the transverse area of the oculomotor nerve, not localized in any part of the nerve. These findings may be important for the analysis of clinical and neurological signs in relation to aging and ophthalmologic functions.[1]


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