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A transmembrane CXC chemokine is a ligand for HIV-coreceptor Bonzo.

We describe a protein with the hallmarks of a chemokine, designated CXCL16, that is made by dendritic cells (DCs) in lymphoid organ T cell zones and by cells in the splenic red pulp. CXCL16 contains a transmembrane domain and both membrane-bound and soluble forms are produced. Naïve CD8 T cells, natural killer T cells and a subset of memory CD4 T cells bind CXCL16, and activated T cells migrated chemotactically to the soluble chemokine. By expression cloning, Bonzo (also known as STRL33 and TYMSTR) was identified as a CXCL16 receptor. CXCL16 may function in promoting interactions between DCs and CD8 T cells and in guiding T cell movements in the splenic red pulp. CXCL16 was also found in the thymic medulla and in some nonlymphoid tissues, indicating roles in thymocyte development and effector T cell trafficking.[1]


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