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Intra-oral retention of fluoride by bovine enamel from amine fluoride toothpaste and 0.4% amine fluoride liquid application.

The purpose of this study was to compare in vivo fluoride accumulation in enamel and in enamel lesions from a single topical fluoride application and daily toothbrushing with a fluoride dentifrice. Amine fluoride preparations were used for both products. Intra-oral appliances with bovine enamel specimens were worn by volunteers during a period of seven weeks. After this period, the specimens were analyzed for fluoride uptake and change in demineralization susceptibility. The results demonstrated that lesions had a high fluoride uptake capacity. Fluoride content values increased by 25-30 micrograms/cm2 during a single topical application, as compared with 10-15 micrograms/cm2 during seven weeks of toothbrushing. About half the fluoride acquired as a result of topical treatment was lost during subsequent exposure to the oral fluids when no further fluoride supplementation was given. The uptake of fluoride by sound enamel was comparatively small, regardless of the use of fluoride dentifrice or application. The presence of mature plaque at the time of fluoride application did not affect the amounts of fluoride delivered. Acid susceptibility tests showed that the enamel solubility exhibited a negative correlation with fluoride content of the specimens.[1]


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