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Halofenate. Its selection and trial as a primary uricosuric agent.

In vitro binding studies on antiinflammatory and uricosuric acidic anions performed under "physiologic" conditions have demonstrated that these substances displace urate from its protein bond. The property of urate displacement appears to be a useful marker for potential uricosuric activity in vivo, and thereby a means to detect novel uricosuric drugs. One such drug, halofenate, was indeed a safe and effective uricosuric (comparable to probenecid) when used to treat hyperuricemia/gout over the long term; it did result in a modest and variable fall in serum lipid concentrations. However, used as a single fixed dose, halofenate did not produce a marked and consistent effect on the elevated serum triglyceride concentrations so commonly present in gouty patients.[1]


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