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MHC class II and c-kit expression allows rapid enrichment of T-cell progenitors from total bone marrow cells.

T-cell progenitors in the embryonic bone marrow express the tyrosine kinase receptor c-kit. RR5, an anti-MHC class II beta chain monoclonal antibody, subdivides this c-kit positive population. Intrathymic transfer experiments showed that most of the T-cell progenitors belong to the MHC class II(+)/c-kit(+) bone marrow population in the embryo and young adult. On transplantation, these bone marrow progenitors lose this expression and differentiate into CD4 CD8 T lymphocytes. In contrast, erythroid progenitors are restricted to the MHC class II(-)/c-kit(+) population. The MHC class II(+)/c-kit(+) pro-T cells are metabolically active, because they stain brightly with rhodamin 123. Their cyclin A and B expression level suggests that they are in the mitotic phase of the cell cycle. Thus, we define an easy sorting protocol, which allows enrichment of T-cell progenitors from total bone marrow hemopoietic cells. (Blood. 2000;96:3988-3990)[1]


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