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Occlusal contacts during lateral excursions in children with primary dentition.

The presence of non-working occlusal contacts in adults is considered abnormal and may initiate parafunctional activity. Few studies have looked for non-working occlusal contacts in children with primary dentition. The purposes of this study were (1) to prove the existence of non-working-side occlusal contacts, and (2) to quantify their area during lateral excursion in children with primary dentition. To achieve this purpose, we developed a measurement system that combined a tracking system for mandibular movements with a three-dimensional digitizer for tooth shape. Ten children were selected for this study. Estimated occlusal contact area of the primary second molar on the non-working side was 0.8 mm2, in contrast to 2.0 mm2 on the working side, at 3.0 mm of movement of the lower incisor. All children examined had some occlusal contacts on the non-working side during the first part of lateral excursion.[1]


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