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Intracellular targeting of walleye dermal sarcoma virus Orf A (rv-cyclin).

Walleye dermal sarcoma virus (WDSV) induces tumors and allows or possibly directs tumor regression. WDSV encodes a putative cyclin homologue, Orf A, and six variant Orf A transcripts have been identified. Northern analysis indicated that a 3.3-kb transcript, encoding full-length Orf A, is the predominant transcript in developing, but not regressing, tumors. Three Orf A proteins, one full-length and two amino-truncated forms, were expressed in mammalian and piscine cells, and their intracellular locations were determined. The full-length form was nuclear and concentrated in interchromatin granule clusters, defined by colocalization with SC-35. The amino-truncated forms were cytoplasmic. Fusion of amino-terminal portions of Orf A to a heterologous protein demonstrated that residues 1-112 were necessary for nuclear localization. Mutation of aa K80 and/or E110 disrupted nuclear localization, suggesting a mechanism similar to that of cellular A- and D-type cyclins for its nuclear import.[1]


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