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Disease relevance of Epsilonretrovirus


High impact information on Epsilonretrovirus

  • We have reported that the D-cyclin homologue [retroviral (rv) cyclin] encoded by WDSV rescues yeast conditionally deficient for cyclin synthesis from growth arrest and that WDSV-cyclin mRNA is present in developing tumors [2].
  • Walleye dermal sarcoma virus cyclin interacts with components of the mediator complex and the RNA polymerase II holoenzyme [3].
  • The WDSV genome contains three short open reading frames designated orfA, orfB, and orfC in addition to the viral structural genes, gag, pol, and env. orfA and orfB transcripts are detected in tumors by reverse transcription-PCR [4].
  • A 13 bp region (nt -288 to -275) comprising a putative activator protein-1 element was necessary for maintaining WDSV LTR activity at all temperatures [5].


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