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Influence of different dietary fats on triacylglycerol deposition in rat adipose tissue.

It has been demonstrated that triacylglycerol (TAG) mobilization from adipose tissue is selective and depends on fatty acid (FA) chain length, unsaturation and positional isomerism. The present study was performed to determine the influence of dietary fat on the composition of TAG stored in rat perirenal and subcutaneous adipose tissues. These results may provide information on the susceptibility of stored TAG to hydrolysis and further mobilization, and may help to establish an interrelationship between dietary composition and the FA efflux from adipose tissue. TAG molecular species and FA composition were determined by HPLC and GLC respectively. No significant differences were found in either FA or TAG composition between perirenal and subcutaneous adipose depots. The major FA in the dietary fats were present in the adipose tissues of the animals; in most cases, in similar proportions. However, differences were found between dietary and adipose tissue content of minor FA, which suggests that dietary FA composition is altered between ingestion and deposition in adipose tissue. The TAG molecular species of rat adipose tissue were enriched with the FA characteristic of each dietary fat. Dietary sunflower oil was responsible for enrichment with the most polar TAG. This finding may suggest easier mobilization of stored TAG. In conclusion, the process of fatty acid and TAG deposition in rat adipose tissue is selective, and depends on the composition of the diet.[1]


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