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Activation of Ty transposition by mutagens.

The induction of Ty1 transposition by mutagens (MMS and 4NQO) in asynchronous cultures and cells blocked in G1 and G2/M suggested G1 dependence of activation of Ty1 element by DNA damage. Northern blot analysis revealed immediate five-fold increase in levels of Ty1 transcript after 20min incubation of cells with 1 microg/ml 4NQO and four-fold increase in Ty1 RNA after treatment the cells with 0.1% MMS. Western blot analysis showed no difference in TyA protein in treated and untreated with mutagen cells. Quantitative mutagenicity assay and Northern blot analysis demonstrated dependence of induction of Ty1 element by DNA-damaging agents on the function of RAD9 gene and independence on DUN1 gene.[1]


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