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Blotting, Northern

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Disease relevance of Blotting, Northern


Psychiatry related information on Blotting, Northern


High impact information on Blotting, Northern

  • Northern-blot analysis demonstrated ATP6N1B expression in kidney but not other main organs [11].
  • A fourth family showed undetectable amounts of STFB mRNA by northern blot analysis in an affected individual [12].
  • We used Northern blot analysis and ribonuclease protection assays to measure the expression of messenger RNA (mRNA) of bone morphogenetic proteins 1 to 7 and immunohistochemical analysis to examine protein expression [13].
  • Northern blot analyses show that HERG is strongly expressed in the heart [14].
  • Northern blot analyses demonstrate a smaller than normal Epb4.2 transcript in affected pallid tissues, such as kidney and skin [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Blotting, Northern


Biological context of Blotting, Northern

  • Northern blot analysis and nucleotide sequences of the two clones suggest that an identical species of the thromboxane A2 receptor is present in platelets and vascular tissues [21].
  • Analysis of a mek1::lacZ fusion gene and Northern blot hybridization demonstrate that the MEK1 transcript is present only in meiosis [22].
  • Multiple species of TL mRNA were detected in TL+ cells by Northern blot analysis with pTL1, and different Tla haplotypes could be distinguished on the basis of characteristic patterns of TL mRNA [23].
  • To study whether regulatory mechanisms are affected by this polymorphism, we analyzed the TNF-alpha/TNF-beta production of phytohemagglutinin-stimulated peripheral blood mononuclear cells of individuals homozygous for the TNF-beta NcoI RFLP by ELISA and concomitant Northern blot analysis [24].
  • In all three models, the classical morphological and biochemical features of PCD observed did not correlate with an increase, but with either a marked decrease or an absence of clusterin gene expression as assessed by Northern blot analysis [25].

Anatomical context of Blotting, Northern


Associations of Blotting, Northern with chemical compounds

  • Northern blot hybridization demonstrated an existence of two separate mRNA components, one for the COOH-terminal region and the other for the NH2-terminal region [31].
  • Northern blots indicated that the gene is expressed in wild-type endosperm but not in leaf tissues or in endosperms homozygous for a mutant allele of the O2 gene [32].
  • Detection of mRNA for rat CD8 alpha chain by Northern blot closely paralleled the cell surface expression of CD8 alpha antigen, indicating that dexamethasone and IL-4 had opposing effects on mRNA levels [33].
  • Northern blot analyses indicated that one I-A-, I-E+ tumor strongly expressed A alpha, E alpha, and E beta mRNAs but possessed only a weak expression of A beta mRNA [34].
  • This level of expression was also evident on Northern blots and likely confers the high capacity of this glucose transport system [35].

Gene context of Blotting, Northern


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Blotting, Northern


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