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Duodenal expression of a putative stimulator of Fe transport and transferrin receptor in anemia and hemochromatosis.

BACKGROUND & AIMS: Stimulator of Fe Transport ( SFT) and transferrin receptor (TfR) are proteins involved in iron transport. This study evaluated iron metabolism protein expression in duodenal biopsy specimens from controls and patients with abnormal iron metabolism. METHODS: Twelve controls, 8 patients with iron deficiency anemia, 7 with HFE-related hemochromatosis, and 6 with non-HFE-related iron overload were studied. Immunohistochemistry was performed on duodenal biopsy specimens with anti-TfR and anti- SFT antibodies which recognize a putative stimulator of Fe transport of ~80 kilodaltons. RESULTS: In controls, the putative stimulator of Fe transport was expressed in the middle and distal part of the villi in the subapical cytoplasmatic region. Its expression increased in anemics and, to a lesser degree, in HFE-related hemochromatotics, whereas it was reduced in patients with non-HFE-related iron overload. TfR expression showed a crypt-to-tip gradient in controls, but not in anemics, in whom it was uniformly overexpressed. TfR expression was intermediate in HFE-related hemochromatotics and similar to controls in non-HFE-related iron overload. CONCLUSIONS: Expression of the putative stimulator of Fe transport and TfR increases in iron deficiency. Increased expression of both proteins is present only in HFE-related hemochromatotics suggesting that other factors may be involved in determining non-HFE-related iron overload phenotype.[1]


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