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Effects of ethnicity, gender and age on clenching force and load distribution.

The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of ethnicity, gender and age on the degree of clenching force and distribution of the load over the dentition. The maximal clenching force was measured in 12 young Danish females, 12 young Japanese females, 12 young Japanese males and 10 senior Japanese males using the Dental Prescale System. The occlusal contact area, average pressure, occlusal load, antero-posterior and right-left location of the occlusal load center (i.e., a center of balance of the occlusal load distributed over the maxillary dentition: OLC) and dental arch length and width were analyzed and compared. The arch width and average pressure in young Danish females were significantly smaller/lower than in Japanese females. The arch length, arch width, contact area and total occlusal load in young Japanese males were significantly greater than those of the Japanese females. The average pressure in young Japanese males was also greater than in senior males. The location of the OLC was almost the same in all groups. The results suggest that the analysis of the OLC may be a useful method for evaluating occlusal function and prosthodontic treatment because the location of the OLC is not affected by ethnicity, gender and age.[1]


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