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Molecular basis for the constitutive activity of estrogen-related receptor alpha-1.

Some orphan nuclear receptors, including estrogen-related receptor alpha-1 (ERRalpha-1), can activate gene transcription in a constitutive manner. Little is known about the molecular basis of the constitutive activity of these receptors. Our results from site-directed mutagenesis experiments have revealed that Phe-329 (analogous to Ala-350 in estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha)) is responsible for the constitutive activity of ERRalpha-1. The ERRalpha-1 mutant F329A lost the transactivation activity and acted as a dominant negative mutant. The mammalian cell transfection experiments revealed that the ERRalpha-1 mutant F329A, like wild-type ERalpha, recognized toxaphene (an organochlorine pesticide) as an agonist. This compound was previously shown to be an antagonist of wild-type ERRalpha-1. On the other hand, like wild-type ERRalpha-1, the ERalpha mutant A350F was found to be constitutively active (as demonstrated by mammalian cell transfection and yeast two-hybrid assays). These results indicate that Phe-329 in ERRalpha-1 and Ala-350 in ERalpha play important roles in both ligand binding and transactivation function.[1]


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