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Two-Hybrid System Techniques

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Gene context of Two-Hybrid System Techniques

  • Each protein contains a CRIB (Cdc42/Rac-interactive binding) motif and each interacts in the two-hybrid assay with the GTP-bound form of the Rho-type Cdc42 GTPase, a key regulator of polarized growth in yeast [26].
  • Using the two-hybrid method, both Dig1 and Dig2 also interact with the other MAP kinase of the pheromone response pathway, Fus3 [27].
  • To identify other factors involved in histone pre-mRNA processing, we used a modified yeast two-hybrid assay in which SLBP and its RNA target were coexpressed as bait [28].
  • We have explored interactions between these gene products at the molecular level and find that Oskar interacts directly with Vasa and Staufen, in a yeast two-hybrid assay [29].
  • GAG3 encodes a novel WD40-repeat protein previously found to interact with Dnm1p in a two-hybrid assay [30].

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