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Classroom strategies used by teachers of students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Pediatric therapists working in schools commonly function as consultants to assist teachers to develop strategies to help promote the classroom performance of students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD). This study surveyed general education teachers in northern New England to determine the classroom strategies teachers commonly use and perceive as being effective for improving the performance of children with ADHD. The strategies receiving the highest frequency and effectiveness ratings were enforcing routine and structure, frequent contact, preferential seating, use of motor breaks, and teaching self-monitoring of behaviors. The strategies receiving the lowest effectiveness ratings were peer tutoring, timeout, and giving assistance during transitions. Cross tabulations with chi-square analysis of the effectiveness ratings by grade level indicated the ratings for 3 of the 15 strategies, use of a designated quiet space, use of motor breaks, and sensory modulation techniques, were dependent on grade level. Qualitative analysis of teacher responses to open-ended questions provided recommendations for improving the education of children with ADHD, including: increasing special education support in the classroom, smaller class sizes, frequent parent-teacher collaboration, and more hands-on learning experiences. Implications of the results of the study for therapists working with students with ADHD and their teachers are discussed.[1]


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