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Rapid recovery of spontaneous baroreflex after sevoflurane anesthesia in ambulatory surgery.

BACKGROUND: Although sevoflurane seems to have fulfilled the criteria of ideal anesthetic agent for ambulatory surgery, its effects on intraoperative alteration and postoperative recovery of arterial baroreflex have not been well documented. This study assessed the time required for patients anesthetized with sevoflurane to regain their baseline baroreflex after ambulatory surgeries. METHODS: Ten ASA class I female patients scheduled for minor gynecological operation (D&C) were enrolled in this study. Spontaneous baroreflex sensitivity (SBR) calculated by sequence analysis of beat-to-beat variations in systolic arterial pressure and R-R intervals was recorded before anesthesia (Baseline), during anesthesia (Anesthesia), five min after operation (Post-op 1) and ten min after operation (Post-op 2). Data obtained from Anesthesia, Post-op 1, and Post-op 2 was compared with the Baseline. RESULTS: SBR value determined in Baseline group (28.6 +/- 4.9 ms/mmHg) was significantly different from Anesthesia group (12.2 +/- 2.1 ms/mmHg) and Post-op 1 group (15.8 +/- 1.8 ms/mmHg). Patients regained their conscious baseline baroreflex sensitivity within ten min after sevoflurane was switched off. CONCLUSIONS: Sevoflurane anesthesia depresses SBR and provides a quick SBR recovery upon emergence.[1]


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