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Chiral auxiliaries for asymmetric radical cyclization reactions: application to the enantioselective synthesis of (+)-triptocallol.

[figure: see text] A series of epimeric 8-aryl menthyl derivatives 5a-d and 6a-l, prepared from the same chiral source (R)-pulegone, were employed as chiral auxiliaries in the asymmetric radical cyclization reactions of beta-keto esters mediated by Mn(OAc)3. Chiral precursors 8c and 8d provided the cyclization products 10c and 10d, respectively, as single isomers (dr > 99:1), whereas the cyclization of precursor 9k gave 13k with good stereoselectivity (dr = 24:1). Diastereomer 13e was employed as the key intermediate in the enantioselective synthesis of (+)-triptocallol in 90% ee.[1]


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