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Structure and chromosome location of the mouse P2X(1) purinoceptor gene (P2rx1).

P2X(1) receptors are ATP-gated cation channels that mediate the fast, purinergic component of sympathetic nerve-smooth muscle neurotransmission in the mouse vas deferens and may serve comparable functions in the urinary bladder and the arteries. The gene for mouse P2X(1) (P2rx1) was cloned and its genomic structure defined by sequencing. The gene spans about 10 kb and consists of 12 exons. All splice sites conformed to the GT-AG motif and the exon-intron boundaries were largely conserved with other members of the P2X gene family so far cloned. A single transcription-starting site was identified by 5' RACE analysis, 233 bp upstream of the translation start site. The P2X(1) gene maps to the central region of mouse chromosome 11.[1]


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