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Vas Deferens

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  • In P2X1-receptor-deficient mice, contraction of the vas deferens to sympathetic nerve stimulation is reduced by up to 60% and responses to P2X receptor agonists are abolished [9].
  • Reduced vas deferens contraction and male infertility in mice lacking P2X1 receptors [9].
  • We show here, however, that stimulation of sympathetic nerves innervating the guinea-pig vas deferens releases not only neuronal ATP, but also soluble nucleotidases that break down this ATP to adenosine, indicating that inactivation of ATP is increased by nerve activity [10].
  • Effects of nifedipine on electrical and mechanical responses of rat and guinea pig vas deferens [11].
  • These observations suggest that there are two populations of receptors for noradrenaline on arterioles, and could explain the paradoxical failure of alpha-antagonists to block neuromuscular transmission at some sutonomic end organs such as the vas deferens, arteries and arterioles [12].

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