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Isodiiodomethane is the methylene transfer agent in cyclopropanation reactions with olefins using ultraviolet photolysis of diiodomethane in solutions: a density functional theory investigation of the reactions of isodiiodomethane, iodomethyl radical, and iodomethyl cation with ethylene.

We examine the chemical reactions of the isodiiodomethane (CH2I-I), .CH2I and CH2I(+) species with ethylene using density functional theory computations. The CH2I-I species readily reacts with ethylene to give the cyclopropane product and an I2 product via a one-step reaction with a barrier height of approximately 2.9 kcal/ mol. However, the.CH2I and CH2I(+) species have much more difficult pathways (with larger potential barriers) to react with ethylene via a two-step reaction mechanism. Comparison of experimental results to our present calculation results indicates that the CH2I-I photoproduct species is most likely the methylene transfer agent for the cyclopropanation reaction of olefins via ultraviolet photoexcitation of diiodomethane.[1]


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