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Distinction between lipoma and liposarcoma by MDM2 alterations: a case report of simultaneously occurring tumors and review of the literature.

We investigated a lipoma and a well-differentiated/dedifferentiated liposarcoma (WD/DDL), occurring simultaneously in one patient for the possible role of p53 and mdm2 in the molecular oncogenesis of liposarcoma and tumor progression. The hypothesis tested was if there is a continuum in the development from lipoma to liposarcoma. Lipoma was characterized by a lack of p53 mutation, p53 LOH and p53 protein expression, as well as by mdm2 amplification and mdm2 protein expression. p53 mutation and p53 LOH were found neither in the well-differentiated nor in the dedifferentiated parts of the liposarcoma. In contrast, mdm2 amplification and an increase in mdm2 protein expression were found to be associated with malignancy and dedifferentiation, whereas p53 protein expression was only slightly increased. These findings indicate that mdm2 constitutes one of the most common targets for molecular aberration in WD/DDL. We suggest that mdm2 is a marker distinguishing between ordinary lipoma and well-differentiated liposarcoma, and that the genesis of these tumors is different.[1]


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