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Molecular phylogeny of the chipmunks inferred from Mitochondrial cytochrome b and cytochrome oxidase II gene sequences.

There are currently 25 recognized species of the chipmunk genus Tamias. In this study we sequenced the complete mitochondrial cytochrome b (cyt b) gene of 23 Tamias species. We analyzed the cyt b sequence and then analyzed a combined data set of cyt b along with a previous data set of cytochrome oxidase subunit II (COII) sequence. Maximum-likelihood was used to further test the fit of models of evolution to the cyt b data. Other sciurid cyt b sequence was added to examine the evolution of Tamias in the context of other sciurids. Relationships among Tamias species are discussed, particularly the possibility of a current sorting event among taxa of the southwestern United States and the extreme divergences among the three subgenera (Neotamias, Eutamias, and Tamias).[1]


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