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Hemagglutinin-neuraminidase-independent fusion activity of simian virus 5 fusion (F) protein: difference in conformation between fusogenic and nonfusogenic F proteins on the cell surface.

The fusion (F) protein of simian virus 5 (SV5) strain W3A is known to induce cell fusion in the absence of hemagglutinin-neuraminidase ( HN) protein. In contrast, the F protein of SV5 strain WR induces cell fusion only when coexpressed with the HN protein, the same as do other paramyxovirus F proteins. When Leu-22 in the subunit F2 of the WR F protein is replaced with the counterpart (Pro) in the W3A F protein, the resulting mutant L22P induces extensive cell fusion by itself. In the present study, we obtained anti-L22P monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) 21-1 and 6-7, whose epitopes were located in the middle (amino acids [aa] 227 to 320) of subunit F1. The amino-terminal region (aa 20 to 47) of subunit F2 was also involved in the formation of MAb 21-1 epitope. Flow cytometric analysis revealed that both the MAbs reacted very faintly with native WR F protein that was expressed on the cell surface whereas they reacted efficiently with native L22P irrespective of whether it is cleaved into F1 and F2. However, by heating the cells at 47 degrees C after mild formaldehyde fixation, the epitopes for MAb 6-7 and mAb 21-1 in the WR F protein were exposed and the reactivity of the MAbs with the WR F protein became comparable to their reactivity with L22P. Thus, the two MAbs seem to distinguish the difference in native conformation between fusogenic mutant L22P and its parental nonfusogenic WR F protein. The native conformation of L22P may represent an intermediate between native and postfusion conformations of a typical paramyxovirus F protein.[1]


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