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TCA1, a single nuclear-encoded translational activator specific for petA mRNA in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii chloroplast.

We isolated seven allelic nuclear mutants of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii specifically blocked in the translation of cytochrome f, a major chloroplast-encoded subunit of the photosynthetic electron transport chain encoded by the petA gene. We recovered one chloroplast suppressor in which the coding region of petA was now expressed under the control of a duplicated 5' untranslated region from another open reading frame of presently unknown function. Since we also recovered 14 nuclear intragenic suppressors, we ended up with 21 alleles of a single nuclear gene we called TCA1 for translation of cytochrome b(6)f complex petA mRNA. The high number of TCA1 alleles, together with the absence of genetic evidence for other nuclear loci controlling translation of the chloroplast petA gene, strongly suggests that TCA1 is the only trans-acting factor. We studied the assembly-dependent regulation of cytochrome f translation--known as the CES process--in TCA1-mutated contexts. In the presence of a leaky tca1 allele, we observed that the regulation of cytochrome f translation was now exerted within the limits of the restricted translational activation conferred by the altered version of TCA1 as predicted if TCA1 was the ternary effector involved in the CES process.[1]


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