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The fractionation of the fatty acid synthetase activities of avocado mesocarp plastids.

1. The range of fatty acids formed by preparations of ultrasonically ruptured avocado mesocarp plastids was dependent on the substrate. Whereas [1-14C]palmitate and [14C]oleate were the major products obtained from [-14C]acetate and [1-14C]acetyl-CoA, the principal product from [2-14C]malonyl-CoA was [14-C]stearate. 2. Ultracentrifugation of the ruptured plastids at 105000g gave a supernatant that formed mainly stearate from [2-14C]malonyl-CoA and to a lesser extent from [1-14C]acetate. The incorporation of [1-14C]acetate into stearate by this fraction was inhibited by avidin. 3. The 105000g precipitate of the disrupted plastids incorporated [1-14C]acetate into a mixture of fatty acids that contained largely [14C]plamitate and [14C]oleate. The formation of [14C]palmitate and [14C]oleate by disrupted plastids was unaffected by avidin. 4. The soluble fatty acid synthetase was precipitated from the 105000g supernatant in the 35-65%-saturated-(NH4)2SO4 fraction and showed an absolute requirement for acyl-carrier protein. 5. Both fractions synthesized fatty acids de novo.[1]


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