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The effect of simulated rain on folpet and mancozeb residues on grapes and on vine leaves.

Artificial rainfalls were used to determine the effect of the amount of the rainfall and the time interval between pesticide application and rainfall event, on folpet and mancozeb residues on grapes and vine leaves. Forty-five mm of rain were administered to the vineyard in different amounts (45; 30+15; 15+15+15 mm). Folpet showed good rainfastness on the grapes and on the leaves. A modest decrease was observed only in the experiments that had received 45 mm of rain at one go. Mancozeb showed a lower rainfastness, since a portion of the deposit was easily washed off also by a modest rainfall. The percentage of this portion was higher in the grapes (38%) than in the leaves (20%). The data obtained in these experiments show that, in the case of folpet, it is not necessary to repeat the treatment when it rains the day after, while it is recommendable to repeat it in the case of mancozeb.[1]


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