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Urinary carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)-like molecules and urothelial malignancy: a clinical appraisal.

A total of 190 patients being treated or followed up for urothelial carcinoma have been studied by the serial estimation of their urinary and plasma CEA levels. Only 46% of patients with a urothelial neoplasm present have a raised urinary CEA level. Infection or ileal conduit urine vitiate the result as they produce high CEA levels in the urine in the absence of any neoplastic disease. The accuracy of urinary CEA estimations is compared with that of cytology. Plasma CEA levels do not serve as a useful guide to the presence of extra-urinary tract tumour spread if taken as isolated readings. However, serial plasma CEA estimations may indicate that metastatic disease is present several months before its detection by the more usual clinical methods in a minority of patients.[1]


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