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Urinary Diversion

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  • Mucin comprised 3% of the total nondialyzable material in urine (65 mg./24-hour for ileal conduit and 60 mg./24-hour for bladder reconstruction) [24].
  • Infection or ileal conduit urine vitiate the result as they produce high CEA levels in the urine in the absence of any neoplastic disease [25].
  • CONCLUSIONS: These findings suggest that colon bladder replacement caused significantly increased serum CEA values compared with ileal neobladder or ileal conduit; however, the elevated serum CEA level correlated with the urinary CEA level, irrespective of other clinical factors [26].
  • Influence of continent ileal urinary diversion on vitamin B12 absorption [27].
  • Conclusion: Urinary diversion with a Kock reservoir or Bricker conduit did not cause bone demineralization of significant changes in different markers of bone metabolism in patients examined 2 to 17 years after urinary diversion [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Urinary Diversion


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