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Phylogeny of Alariaceae, Laminariaceae, and Lessoniaceae (Phaeophyceae) based on plastid-encoded RuBisCo spacer and nuclear-encoded ITS sequence comparisons.

Concatenated sequences from the plastid-encoded RuBisCo spacer and nuclear-encoded rDNA ITS region of the Alariaceae, Laminariaceae, and Lessoniaceae as currently recognized were used to determine the phylogeny of kelps (Phaeophyceae). Our analyses indicate that all taxa in the Alariaceae, Laminariaceae, and Lessoniaceae form a monophyletic lineage (the Laminariales sensu stricto). The phylogenetic analyses show that the kelps form eight well-supported clades (represented by Egregia, Laminaria, Hedophyllum, Macrocystis, Alaria, Agarum, Ecklonia, and Lessonia) that conform to the tribes of the current morphological classification system of the "advanced" kelps. Our results suggest that the kelps should be classified into eight families rather than the three that are presently used. The interrelationships among the eight lineages were, however, unresolved in the phylogenetic analyses. In all trees, Egregia diverged first and is the sister to the other kelp taxa. Our phylogenetic analyses also indicate that Kjellmaniella and Laminaria do not form a monophyletic group. Taken together, the RuBisCo spacer and rDNA ITS prove useful for understanding the evolutionary history of the advanced kelps and provide a new framework for establishing the systematics of these commercially important brown algae.[1]


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