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Disease relevance of Laminaria


High impact information on Laminaria

  • To generate a vaccine to protect against a variety of human pathogenic fungi, we conjugated laminarin (Lam), a well-characterized but poorly immunogenic beta-glucan preparation from the brown alga Laminaria digitata, with the diphtheria toxoid CRM197, a carrier protein used in some glyco-conjugate bacterial vaccines [6].
  • Components of Laminaria which might account for the observed difference in mammary tumor growth are varied and include the sulfated polysaccharide fucoidan . Rats in the top row of cages had a significant (p = 0.01) delay in time to tumor compared to rats in the lower four rows [7].
  • Different haloperoxidases, one specific for the oxidation of iodide and another that can oxidize both iodide and bromide, were separated from the sporophytes of the brown alga Laminaria digitata and purified to electrophoretic homogeneity [8].
  • Laminarin, a linear beta-1,3 glucan (mean degree of polymerization of 33) was extracted and purified from the brown alga Laminaria digitata [9].
  • Resonance Raman spectroscopy of a light-harvesting protein from the brown alga Laminaria saccharina [10].

Biological context of Laminaria


Anatomical context of Laminaria


Associations of Laminaria with chemical compounds

  • The N-terminus of the major polypeptide component of the light-harvesting complex (LHC) from the brown alga Laminaria saccharina is blocked [19].
  • Vanadium-dependent iodoperoxidases in Laminaria digitata, a novel biochemical function diverging from brown algal bromoperoxidases [20].
  • An aerobic, polarly flagellated marine bacterium that produces a prodigiosin-like pigment was isolated from the red-spotted culture beds of Laminaria japonica [21].
  • Experiments with the marine alga Laminaria digitata demonstrated that natural haloperoxidase systems are capable of mediating the deactivation of acylated homoserine lactones [22].
  • Procedures performed after laminaria were significantly faster than those after misoprostol (median 3.4 versus 7.2 minutes, respectively, P = .01) [11].

Gene context of Laminaria


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Laminaria


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