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Better speech performance in cochlear implant patients with GJB2-related deafness.

OBJECTIVE: We applied mutation screening in seven cochlear implant users to identify those persons with GJB2-related deafness to determine whether etiology of deafness was predictive of speech performance after implantation. METHODS: Direct sequence of GJB2 was conducted over seven cochlear implant users with prelingual hearing impairment and their speech, language and cognitive performance was examined. RESULTS: The three persons with GJB2-related deafness had a mean vocabulary of 1243 words compared to a mean vocabulary of 195 words in the four children with GJB2-unrelated deafness, although the number of patients examined here was limited. The developmental quotient (DQ) of cognitive ability also was higher in those children with GJB2-related deafness. CONCLUSIONS: These preliminary results suggest that better speech performance after cochlear implantation may be observed in persons with GJB2-related deafness. In the future, detailed phenotypic studies and mutation screening for non-syndromic hearing loss may play an important role in the preoperative assessment of prelingually-deafened children.[1]


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