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Fast Green FCF (Food Green 3) inhibits synaptic activity in rat hippocampal interneurons.

The effects of the certified food dye Fast Green FCF (Food Green 3) on miniature synaptic events in whole-cell voltage clamped hippocampal interneurons were examined. Fast Green FCF reduced the frequency, but did not affect the amplitude or kinetics, of miniature synaptic events in a dose-dependent manner. At 1 mg/ml (1.2 mM), the frequency was reduced to 21% of control. The half-maximum effective concentration was estimated to be 200 microg/ml (250 microM). In contrast, the dye Phenol Red neither affected frequency, amplitude nor kinetics of synaptic events. The results suggest that Fast Green FCF acts at a presynaptic locus, thereby inhibiting the release of neurotransmitter.[1]


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